The GUI does not display reports, and reports timeout.


catalina.out shows errors similar to these:

Caused by: com.intellica.client.exception.NetworkClientException: Could not connect to report server.
at Source)
at com.intellica.client.layout.LayoutManager.getResponse(Unknown Source)
In some cases where there are one or more firewalls between the reporting server and the database server, the firewall(s) may be losing state because BRM doesn't send keep-alive packets. In troubleshooting, the database shows a connection, and the reporting host shows a connection, but BRM can't use it because packets are being dropped by the firewall(s).


Resolution / Workaround

This solution causes a new database connection to be established for every report that is run instead of trying to maintain and re-use a persistent connection.


The following procedure can be used to resolve this issue:

1. Log in in to the BRM GUI as the Admin user.
2. Navigate to: Administration > Configure > Databases.
3. Select the database where timeouts are occurring.
4. Change the Pool settings as below:
- Initial connection(s) as 0
- Incremental size as 1
- Resubmit time as 2 Sec(s)
- Max. Connections as 20
5. Save the changes and verify whether the issue has been resolved.

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Last Modified On: June 28, 2019