Note that this article describes two different but related issues that occur when installing and setting up BoKS on a Solaris 11 host.


Installing BoKS on a Solaris 11 host requires some preparation in advance.

When trying to install BoKS on a default-configured Solaris 11 host, the setup step will fail with the following error:

Setting up installed BoKS Client for UNIX as a client

There are MD5(SUN) or SHA256 hashed password(s) in the

password file. BoKS only supports UNIX crypt,
MD5(BSD), Blowfish and SHA512 hashed passwords.
The account(s) must have their passwords changed to a
hash format supported by BoKS before proceeding.

Failed to setup BoKS Client for UNIX as a client
Please correct problem and run setup by hand

You must change the default Solaris password hash to something more standard, and as we'll see explained below, you must also change the root account from a role to a normal account.


By default Solaris 11 uses a SHA256-based password hash. This Solaris-specific hash is not supported by BoKS, so it must be changed to something more standard. The easiest approach is to set the password hash to the more common Linux/BSD-MD5 hash, but other hashes may also work (see /etc/security/crypt.conf). To set Solaris to use the Linux/BSD-MD5 hash:

Edit the /etc/security/policy.conf file using an editor such as vi and set...


Then change any existing user/role passwords and try setup again.

# /opt/boksm/sbin/setup client


When trying to set up BoKS on a Solaris 11 host, the setup process fails with the following error:

The root account is a role on this system and this
interferes with BoKS.
Please switch the root role to a normal account
before setting up BoKS.


BoKS must have the root account defined as a normal account rather than a role. To convert the root account to normal (i.e. native UNIX) behavior, run the following command:

# rolemod -K type=normal root

Then run setup again:

# /opt/boksm/sbin/setup client

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Last Modified On: June 28, 2019