BoKS# adjoin -K -h -O OU=BOKS,OU="UNIX Servers" join AD01.FOXT.COM Administrator@AD01.FOXT.COM

If this join succeeds then you have verified that it is possible to join the domain and that the non-responding LDAP server(s) were causing the problem.

Resolution / Workaround

There was an issue in the cldap (connectionless ldap over UDP) routine that caused adjoin to fail if any of the advertised servers did not respond. This issue has been corrected in BoKS 6.7 via hotfix HFBM-0069, and in BoKS 7.0 via hotfix HFBM-0084.

Apply the appropriate hotfix and try the adjoin again (without the -K specification).

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Last Modified On: June 28, 2019