If an ondemanddomain command doesn't get things started, please do the following (as the brmadmin user):

- Stop brm using the command $BRMHOME/brm/APIs/brm.sh stop.
- Verify that all brm processes have stopped. If they won't stop on their own, use kill -9.

- Collect the files listed below, tar/zip them up, and send them to FoxT Customer Support. Name the tar file in a way that would indicate these are the "old" logs.

- Once the logs are tarred up, delete or zero-out all of the files listed. The idea here is to capture what has already happened, but we also want to collect new logs that only have data from this current issue.


- Check BoKS audit log data for brmadmin and brmuser for the last few attempts at synchronization. Are there any instances of failed logins etc.?

- Start brm using the command $BRMHOME/brm/APIs/brm.sh start

- Try an ondemanddomain command for both AU and AC data. Bear in mind this operation could take a considerable time to complete. As this operation is running, you can open new terminal sessions and watch the operation's progress by running a "tail -f" on these files:


- If the operation still isn't working, let it run for 15-30 minutes or so and then send these log files to FoxT. This time, tar/zip up the log files and name them in a way to reflect they are the "current" logs.

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Last Modified On: June 28, 2019