When trying to set up a Server Agent or Replica server, setup fails with the message 'cannot locate a server'.


To be able to set up a Server Agent or Replica server it needs to be able to contact the BoKS Master. By default this is done by sending a broadcast, and if a Master cannot be reached setup will fail.

Resolution / Workaround

1. Verify that BoKS is configured to use the same ports as the Master by checking /etc/services.

2. If the Server Agent or Replica is on a different network segment than the Master you need to configure the bcastaddr file:

The $BOKS_etc/bcastaddr file (by default /etc/opt/boksm/bcastaddr) on Replicas and Server Agents contains IP addresses that allow these hosts to contact a Master or Replica that is not on the same subnet, when broadcast cannot be used or you do not wish to use broadcast. Apart from broadcast, a Server Agent or Replica contacts only those Master/Replica hosts whose addresses appear in their local bcastaddr file. In this way, you may configure which Replicas a Server Agent should communicate with or not communicate with (by leaving them out of the file). For a Replica, you can control which other Replicas it should communicate with.
The $BOKS_etc/bcastaddr file does not exist at installation. You must create it if you need it.
Address file syntax:
3. If there are any firewall(s) between the Server Agent/Replica and Master, verify that the correct ports are open for traffic. BoKS Manager uses 4 ports for communication, the defaults are shown below:
Port number Protocol Service
6500 tcp,udp Master in. Replicas to the Master.
6501 tcp,udp Server Agents to Master and Replica in for authentication requests to servc daemon.
6502 tcp Replica in to servm, updates from the Master
6503 tcp Server Agent in (clntd daemon), communication from Master
4. Make sure any local firewalls, such as 'iptables', allow traffic to the correct ports.
5. Check that you are able to ping the Master from the Server Agent and vice versa. Another simple test that will verify that communication is allowed through is that you are able to telnet from the Server Agent to the Master on the base port configured in /etc/services (default 6500) using the Master's IP address listed in bcastaddr.
For additional details, see the Installation Guide and Administration Guide for the BoKS version you are using and the man page for bcastaddr (# man bcastaddr).

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Last Modified On: June 28, 2019