VMware machines are unable to find BoKS Master or Replicas


The VMware VMXNET driver prior to v5.5 has an issue that causes it to drop UDP packets.

This reveals itself when trying to set up a BoKS host and the setup step fails with the inability to find a BoKS server (Master or Replica).

Digging into this, tcp dump on the machine shows the UDP packets being put onto the stack, but a wire-based network sniffer does not see the packets. The packets are lost between the VM guest and the host's NIC.

This is a VMware issue, not a problem with BoKS or the guest OS.

Resolution / Workaround

The quick solution is to configure the guest machine to use the Intel e1000 interface rather than the VMXNet3 interface. The problem is with the VMXNet structure and does not exist in the e1000 structure.

The issue has been corrected as of VMware v5.5. However, guest machines provisioned prior to the upgrade will need to have their VMware Tools software updated. This means that upgrading the VMware host machine is not enough, each affected client will also need to be updated.

The upgrade to VMware 5.5 does fix the issue, but there are several steps to go through for each virtual machine. You have to update the VMware Tools on the box which puts the new VMXNet3 driver on to the virtual machine. Then you have to get in to a terminal session on the virtual machine and issue the following commands: "rmmod vmxnet3" followed by "modprobe vmxnet3." Afterward you sometimes need to re-provision the IP address on the box.

For more information on how to apply the fix, please contact VMware Support.

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Last Modified On: June 28, 2019