The domainstatus command reports that live feed for AC data is disabled for the domain when it should be enabled




When you run the domainstatus program it returns the following:


status lfAC: DISABLED


indicating that the live feed of AC data is disabled, even though it is configured to be enabled.

This issue can be caused if you upgrade BoKS Manager after you have installed BoKS Reporting Manager.
Note also that to run live feed on a domain running BoKS Manager 6.5.3 or earlier, you must apply the hotfix
If live feed has been set to disabled after initially being enabled, this could also indicate other problems with BDCM.
To trace any potential problems, you should be able to see error messages from the brmcmd command in the BRM log.
Resolution / Workaround
The solution is to manually enable live feed of access control data.

However, before you enable the live feed, you should first run an on-demand update of access control data to prevent
a large number of updates from being sent by the live feed when you initialize it.
Run the following command to do this:
ondemand -ac
where in the domain name as defined in BoKS Reporting Manager.
Once the on-demand update is complete, enable live feed of access control data using the following command:
modifydomain -e
where in the domain name as defined in BoKS Reporting Manager.

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Last Modified On: June 28, 2019