BoKS Reporting Manager stops loading AC or AU data




BoKS Reporting Manager stops loading AC or AU data from the BoKS Master, though it is configured to load data.


Resolution / Workaround


Look for "permission denied" errors in catalina.out and ReportClientLogs.log.

These errors can be an indication that at some point in time, BRM was started by the root user instead of by the brmadmin user.

To clear this condition:

1. Stop BRM.
2. Verify that all brm processes have stopped.
3. Change the owner of boksbrm to brmadmin using the following command:

chown -R brmadmin:brmgroup /opt/boksbrm

4. Start BRM (as brmadmin).
5. Issue an ondemanddomain command for AC and/or AU data as necessary. This may take some time to run depending on the amount of data to be imported.
Monitor import progress by watching catalina.out and boksbrm.log as well as by checking the status using the domainstatus program.

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Last Modified On: June 28, 2019