Running '${BOKS_lib}/showmaster' on the client hangs.

The file ${BOKS_var}/boks_errlog on the client shows problems with the address

The command 'cadm -l -f ENV -h ' from master works, but /etc/passwd not getting populated.


Red Hat install can mis-configure /etc/hosts so that the host name of the client is associated with Since BoKS bridge communication relies on the primary IP that is registered in the database matching the primary IP on the system, communication fails.

Resolution / Workaround

The proper solution is to have the host name associated with the primary IP address and only "localhost" be associated with

One could probably also configure BRIDGE_ADDR_USE in ENV to set the PRIMARY IP, but since /etc/hosts is important for many services in addition to BoKS, it should be fixed at the source.

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Last Modified On: June 28, 2019