Deleting a host from the BoKS database or changing host type from UNIXBOKSHOST or REPLICA does not remove batch client update messages that are currently in the queue to be sent to the client.

These must be removed in a separate operation.


IP address for one or more deleted hosts appear in output of

boksdiag fque -bridge

Also, ${BOKS_var}/boks_errlog has messages like:

boks_bridge_clntd_s@ Sat Jul 12 09:56:38 2014

WARNING: Can't connect to , port 6603, Interrupted system call (4)

This can also happen when the primary address of a host is changed in BoKS.

Resolution / Workaround

You can list the messages in the clntd batch queue with the command:

boksdiag fque -bridge

This will list the IP address and count of messages that are currently queued to hosts. If the host has been removed or is in the database as a host not running BoKS, then you can remove the queued messages with the command:

boksdiag fque -bridge -delete

If the host has had the IP address changed, it is also possible to redirect these messages to the new IP address with the command:

boksdiag fque -bridge -move


Details are in the boksdiag(1B) man page.

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Last Modified On: June 28, 2019