During an upgrade or disaster recovery database import, boks_bru seems to halt or takes a very long time. Most likely, the Master where the database is being imported is not registered in the database, so the operation must be aborted and redone with new Master registered.

Issue description

When running boks_bru in order to restore a database to a new BoKS Master, either upgrading from an earlier version or just moving BoKS to a new Master, boks_bru seems to halt or take a very long time. The restore operation takes 30-40 minutes or more, with no output revealing what is going on. Most likely this happens because the new Master is missing from the database. This is an undefined state for the Master so the operation must be aborted and resolved, and even if the process seems to be done after a long time there is no guarantee that the restore operation succeeded without misconfigurations in the database etc.


The new BoKS Master needs to be registered as a Replica in the database on the old Master.
After that, the database can be exported again from the old Master and imported on the new Master.

If the old Master for some reason is no longer available to perform this operation, this can be worked around as follows:

1. Temporarily name the new Master to the same as the old Master.
2. Import the database.
3. Change the hostname of the Master back to its original name.
The change also needs to be made in BoKS database using the hostadm command: hostadm -h old_name -n new_name

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Last Modified On: June 28, 2019