• Some users may experience intermittent login failures.
  • When running lserrlog or reading directly in $BOKS_var/boks_errlog, you might see messages like these:

WARNING: DYNDB opentab: Out of core memory

WARNING: DYNDB opentab: Failed to open table 49 (/var/opt/boksm/data/user2profile.dat), No such file or directory (2)

Resolution / Workaround


This means that the BoKS Master or Replica has run out of shared memory. This is a very serious condition, since it can leave the local database in an incomplete state.

To fix this, you need to adjust the shared memory setting as described in article #11164


In BoKS v. 6.7 and later, you may have seen the label shm_warn in the Audit log. See article #11438 for more information.

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Last Modified On: November 15, 2019