Authority Swapper has a feature called Audit Replay.

This is a unique screen recording capability that visually captures all user activities during their temporary access to higher levels of authority.

Authority Swapper also logs, records and stores every activity as a full audit trail but the new Audit Replay feature provides a convenient and easy way for auditors who may not have IBM i skills to understand the implications of user’s actions.

Authority Swapper "records" the screens the user visits during a “swap session” and you can then replay the recorded screens to see exactly what the user did. This facility is useful if you need to show to your auditors and effectively provides a visual surveillance recording.

How to set up screen capture

On the Swap Profile (Note: Profile, not Permit) a new "Enable screen capture" flag has been added. Having set this to "Y" (Yes) when a Swap Session is performed for this Swap Profile the screens are recorded:

Enable Screen Capture

How to view screen captures

The recorded screens can be displayed using option "10=Screen captures" against a Swap Session in Work with Swap Sessions:

Using Screen Captures Option

This lists the captured screens along with the ability to display them using "5=Display":

Captured Screen List

Having displayed a recorded screen, as shown below, you can use Page Up and Page Down to scroll through the images:

Displaying A Recorded Screen

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Last Modified On: January 15, 2021