How it works…

The Halcyon Message log is a record of all the events taking place within the Halcyon software. If you want to be notified of an event within Halcyon occurring, you must use what we call an “Admin alert”.

Admin alerts allow you to send Halcyon notification and warnings to a message queue, because the message log is not a message queue, it is a logfile.

You can then have a rule in message manager to pick these up and alert via a console or another method.

How to set it up

Configuration of Admin alerts is a three-stage process.

Set up a message queue

It is usually best to segregate the Halcyon Admin alerts from other messages by using a dedicated message queue for this purpose. We suggest something like QUSRSYS/HALCYON or QUSRSYS/HALADMIN for example. Create this queue using the CRTMSGQ command and then set it within admin alerts:

GO HALCYON > 42 > 12 > F17



Determine which messages you wish to send to the message queue

There is a default list of message ID’s already set. If you wish to add more or specific message ID’s to the list use F6 (add) on the Work with Administrator Alert Criteria” Screen to add them.


Set up a message monitor for the message queue

The next stage is to create a message queue rule for the queue you created in step 1. Typically, you would create a rule that was *ALL/*ALL to capture all messages sent to the queue.

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Last Modified On: May 29, 2020