When you find Halcyon alerting with the following messages:

  • Warning! Calendar ATTEND data expires on 12/29/17
  • Warning! Calendar UNATTEND data expires on 12/31/17
  • Warning! Calendar WEEKDAYS data expires on 12/29/17
  • Warning! Calendar WEEKENDS data expires on 12/31/17
  • Warning! Calendar WEEKNIGHTS data expires on 12/29/17

These alerts are warning you that your configured calendars are expiring at the end of the year. (three months warning).

The warning period is defined by the system default HAL/CALENDAREXPWARN.

You can change this by;

GO HALCYON > 42 > 7

or use the command:


And then use option 2 (Change) against HAL/CALENDAREXPWARN to change the warning period.

You should check if you are using Calendars and re-populate them past the expiration date.

It may be that you are not using them, you can check this by:

GO HALCYON > 42 > 8

or use the command:


And then option 8 (Where used) to show where the calendars are used within your configuration.

If you are using them and you’re unsure of the days and times assigned within the calendar, use option 2 to change the calendar and press F13 (List View). This will show you the days and times the calendar is active.

Once you’ve gathered this information, use F6 (Bulk add) to add working/non-working days to the calendars based on the information you’ve just gathered.

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Last Modified On: May 29, 2020