There will coma a time when you need to add dates to an already existing calendar. If calendars only have dates that extend to the end of the current year, you will soon be receiving a message on QSYSOPR telling you that your calendar is about to expire.

Determine the calendars that need Extending

There is a very easy way to determine the calendars that need additional dates, simply by using the option to work with them: -

GO HALCYON > 42 > 8

Work with Calendars

We can see that the BACKUPS calendar is currently the only one that has dates populated to 2019.

Set up the Calendar

It is possible to add the dates and times for each additional day manually (using F13), however there is a much quicker way to add multiple entries, and that is to use the F6=Bulk add option.

We will enter the following: -

  1. A suitable date range, so that the calendar does not expire
  2. The Days of the week for the days in this calendar
  3. The time range required 

Bulk Add

Pressing enter to complete the addition, and if we wish to view the actual dates/times, again we can press F13. 

Work with Calendars

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Last Modified On: May 29, 2020