There may come a time when you want to forward alerts from remote IBMi's to an Enterprise Console through a Central IBMi, using the Central IBMi as a proxy. 

In this example, we will use the following:

  1. Central System: HAL720P2
  2. Remote System: HAL720P
  3. Enterprise Console: TECH208

To achieve this, you will need to set up/amend the following: 

  1. The Enterprise Console record in Remote Locations on the Central system
  2. The Enterprise Console record in Remote Locations on the Remote system(s)
  3. Add an additional entry for the Central system in Device Manager on the Enterprise Console
  4. Amend the layout on the Enterprise Console

Central System

On the Central IBMi, define/amend a remote location for the Enterprise Console:

  1. Set the remote port to be 15000. This is the normal port for the Enterprise Console.
  2. Set the forwarding port to be a suitable number. In the following screen shot this is 15018. 

Remote Console For Enterprise Console

Remote System

On the remote server(s), define the Enterprise Console Proxy.

  1. Set the system type as *PC
  2. Set the Host name/IP address to that of the Central iSeries system
  3. Set the remote port to be 15018 (the same as the forwarding port on the Enterprise Console record on the Central system, as previous)

Change Remote Location

Device Manager

The Enterprise Console is going to need to know what what to do with alerts that have been forwarded by the proxy on behalf of a remote system, so we need to add an entry into the Device Manager for each of the Remote systems as follows:

  1. Set the name as the name of the Central IBMi
  2. Set the description as the name of the Remote IBMi (see later for an explanation of why we do this)
  3. Set the type to Power/System i
  4. Set the Host/Address to that of the Central system
  5. Click on Advanced

Edit Device dialog

  1. Click on Settings
  2. Set the Connect on Port to a suitable value. This just needs to be another port number not currently used in the configuration. Note: you will need to input a unique port for each remote server that is forwarding alerts through the Central server. 

Enterprise Console Tools

Note: Always remember, when adding/changing entries in Device Manager to reload the devices into the Enterprise Console.

Launch the Enterprise Console

  1. Click on Tools
  2. Click on Devices

Enterprise Console Devices

Enterprise Console

As the alerts are physically coming from the Central system, the Device column (1) in the Enterprise Console will always be part of the Central system, HAL720P8 in our example. 

If you wish to see the actual system name, from where the alert originated, display the description column (2) instead, or as well as, the Device (this is the reason the description was amended in Device Manager earlier).

To select/deselect the columns, use the selector icon (3).

Enterprise Console Panel


In summary, each of our Remote Servers will be forwarding its alerts to the Central iSeries using port 50018. For each of the Remote Servers, there will be a corresponding record created in Device Manager, which will use the Central iSeries as the system name, and then a unique port per Remote Server. 

Defined Devices Panel

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Last Modified On: May 29, 2020