This document is a checklist to run through when setting up POP for 2-way iSeries Email. 


It is highly recommended that a mail-box account is created that is dedicated to receiving replies/commands that are processed by Halcyon, as all read emails from the POP account are deleted after processing. This account should be set up int EMAILFROMADDR system default (Main menu > Option 21 > Option 6 > EMAILFROMADDR).

Display System Default

Ensure that system default ALLOWSMSREPLY contains either *EMAIL or *BOTH to allow replies to be received by the system (Main menu > Option 21 > Option 6 > ALLOWSMSREPLY).

Display System Default

For each email user sending a reply, ensure that they have the 'Allow replies' parameter set to *YES on their email entry record (Main menu > Option 21 > Option 12 > Option 2) against the respective entries. 

Display Email Address

You will also need to ensure that a suitable Digital Certificate has been created on the iSeries to allow support of this feature. See How to Configure DCM (Digital Certificate Manager)


Determine the POP details, and the login requirements, based on the table below: - 

POP Details

Create a POP Communications Resource (Main Menu > Option 21 > Option 31> F6) using the following values for the parameters shown: -

  • Comm Port: '*POP'
  • Mail server (POP3): 'POP incoming server' in the table above (DNS name or IP address)
  • Port: 'Port' in the table above
  • Connection type: 'Connection type' in the table above (may differ depending on company security)
  • Account name: 'Account Name in the table above
  • Password: 'Password' in the table above

Change Communication Resource

Post Setup

  • Valid email responses, where 1234 is the alert ID
    • Ref.1234 Rpy.C
    • Pwd.password Cmd.DLYJOB 1
    • Ref.1234 Cls

Tip: It is useful to change the subject format of the emails, when they are sent, to include the Alert ID and the 'Rpy' syntax, to save time when replying: -

Change Action Schedule Action

All the user has to do is click on Reply in their email, and replace the '?' with a valid reply,

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Last Modified On: January 27, 2021