This document provides a step-by-step approach to setting up centralized Email on your network of iSeries systems.


  • You need to identify which system is going to be the designated 'central' system - in this document we will be using HAL720P8, with HAL720P2 as a remote.

Configure the remote locations on the central IBMi

Access the remote locations in the configuration menu.

GO HALCYON > 42 > 4



Work with Remote Locations

  1. Use F6=Add to add the remote location.

Enter *I5 for the System type

Enter the Host name or IP address

Enter the remote port (usually 15000)

Select a short code for this system, which will prefix the alert ID when alerts are sent from this system (suggest you start with A for the first system, B for the second and so on)

Once the system has been added select option 9 against it to confirm communications are available

Connection Successful

Create an Action Action Schedule on the remote system

Access the action schedules in the configuration menu.

GO HALCYON > 42 > 10



Work with Action Schedules

  1. Use F6=Add to add the new action schedule - we will create EMAIL_CENT

Enter a name

Enter a description and press <Enter>

Add Action Schedule

  1. Use F6=Add to add a schedule entry

You can usually leave the description as *AUTO, and type as A (unless you want to introduce calendars and so on)

Add Action Schedule Entry

  1. Page down
  2. Enter the SNDTXT action type and press <Enter>

Add Action Schedule Action

  1. Enter the central System
  2. Enter the message device to send to (note using F4 here will prompt all the devices on the central system for you), press <Enter> until all fields are completed

Action Schedule Action Configured

  1. Configure substitution variables in the subject, and optionally alert text, to make it easier when replying to alerts using the 2-way email. This step is optional.
  2. Select option 2 against the above entry just created, and enter a mixture of fixed text, and substitution variables (use F16 to see those available), to manipulate the text received by the recipients

Change Action Schedule Action

Associate the Action Schedule with a Rule on the remote system

Access Work with Rules in the main menu.




Work with Rules

  1. Amend or create a rule in the normal way, and use the actions schedule previously created as an action for the rule

Change Message Queue Rule

Receiving the Emails

Now when a CPA4001 is generated on HAL720P2, the email will be sent using central system HAL720P8 and the alert ID in the subject will be prefixed with an A:- 

Here is a sample email

Sample Email

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Last Modified On: January 27, 2021