As of Feb 27th 2019:
The following equipment is supported in Message Communicator:


Gemalto EHS6T LAN
This is a 3G serial and LAN connected module that either the iSeries or Windows components can communicate with.
We can either connect directly using serial or via TCP/IP.
with v24 card/cable:

Cinterion/Siemens TC35 & TC65 
Multi-Tech GSM modem (from MPLUS)

with NPORT - this ensures that the NSS/EntCon software can also utilize the SMS alerting:

Cinterion/Siemens TC35 & TC65 
Gemalto EHS6T USB 


IBM i internal modem

General external modems typically can work, but require time to configure the scripts, therefore the above solutions are the recommended devices.

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Last Modified On: August 19, 2020