Would you like a single report that summarizes availability and all outstanding issues?

Halcyon now ships with a “System Summary Status Report” that can be run either manually or scheduled by using the Halcyon Advanced Job Scheduler or IBM Scheduler.

The report can be produced in PDF or green screen (SCS) format and contains the following elements:

  • Remote System Availability
  • System Auxiliary Pool (ASP), Total Size, Used % and Change %
  • The last date and time the LPAR was IPL’d
  • Status of Remote Locations as defined to Halcyon
  • Details of any outstanding Problem Analysis entries
  • List of all open Halcyon Alerts List of scheduled entries as defined in the IBM standard scheduler.

Print System Status Display

The report can be run by using the HALPROD/PRTSYSSTS command and when used in conjunction with Halcyon’s Output Queue Monitor can be automatically emailed to you each run.

Here’s a sample showing two extracts from the report summarizing the System ASP and the Problem Log.

Sample Extract

Syatem Problem Log Extract

To automate the distribution of this report simply create a Rule to look for the creation of the ‘PRTSYSSTS’ spooled file. Pair this with the SNDTXT Action to have the report automatically emailed out.

Create Output Queue Rule

Existing customers will get the System Status Report automatically after upgrading to IBM i Release PTF2014.048

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Last Modified On: May 18, 2020