If you receive MCH2804 in your batch jobs, this can be an indication that your profile entry count is dangerously high.  Ignoring these messages leads to the creation of a new database recovery object for each object.

Aside from receiving the message ID above, it is recommended to run a regular review on your profiles using the Print Profile Internals command:


to obtain a listing of user profiles over 75% full.  It doesn't take long to run and is well worth scheduling.  This command allows you to print a report containing information on the number of entries contained in a user profile.

There are different types of objects found within a user profile, these are broken down into 4 types which are owned objects, private authorities, authorized objects and primary group authorities.  The combination of all the entries determines the size of the profile and each user profile can contain up to approximately 5 million entries.

When you view the report produced (see example below), it will show how full the user profile is and a breakdown by percentage of the 4 object types.

User Profile Internals

From the example above, the report shows that user profile NEVANS is 76.27% full and is mostly made up of owned object entries.

There are different options for you to choose to run this report, so can be for individual users, all users or a select group of users.  In addition you can specify to report for profiles that are at least a percentage full value (so for this example we have set 75%).

For profiles that are showing high percentage, you can use the IBM command CHGOBJOWN, which will enable you to move objects to an empty profile in order to alleviate the situation. Make sure you specify keyword CUROWNAUT(*REVOKE) when using CHGOBJOWN, which will remove the object from the fuller user profile.

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Last Modified On: May 29, 2020