To keep your Halcyon environment synchronized, we recommend that you exclude all product libraries from third-party high availability (HA) replication software and instead use the Halcyon IMPENV command.

Used across multiple Halcyon environments located on either on the same or different partitions, the IMPENV process is manual. It can, however, be scheduled either through Halcyon or an alternative scheduler and can be run as often as the business dictates.

The majority of Halcyon customers run this command once a day and some run it once a week. If you are synchronizing job scheduler items, you should consider running IMPENV more frequently.

There are options on the command that enable you to specify and control which data gets replicated, as shown below.

Replicating Halcyon solutions for IBM i

  • *ALL – All Halcyon product data is imported except data defined as *EXCLUDE.
  • *CONFIG – Selected configuration data is imported. This includes user-defined data such as rules, calendars, and phones, but excludes run-time data such as alert log, message log, and historical performance data. This is the most common use of IMPENV and ensures that you keep all customizable data synchronized.
  • *NONSYS – User data is imported, except for Exit Point Manager audit data and Document Management System indexes. This option imports all elements specified in *CONFIG as well as items like run-time alert and message logs pertaining to the originating source system.
  • *SYS – System data is imported. System data is data stored in files that does not change except when upgrading to a new version or PTF. Examples of system files include menu option files and lists of constants.

If you’re simply looking for a way to keep Halcyon rules in sync you have two options outside of IMPENV.

Option 1

From the Work with Rules display, option 13 is available for you to manually export rules or groups of rules to other Halcyon environments either locally or to those residing on another partition.

Environments can be logically grouped together by using the WRKRMTGRP command, enabling you to export rules to grouped environments via a single process.

Replicating Halcyon Solutions for IBM i_2

Replicating Halcyon Solutions for IBM i_3

Option 2

A welcome automated alternative to option 1 above was introduced in September 2015 with version 6. From the Work with Rules display, by using option 30 against a monitor, you can define a remote location or group of remote locations where you’d like rules to be automatically exported.

Replicating Halcyon Solutions for IBM i_4

Replicating Halcyon Solutions for IBM i_5

Once set up, any rules added, changed, or deleted within the defined monitor group will be automatically replicated to the target Halcyon environments on the remote locations.

You will see confirmation of any rule changes exported within the Halcyon message log.

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Last Modified On: May 29, 2020