As you may be aware, on the IBM i through System Service Tools (SST), you can define a threshold which should your system’s auxiliary storage breach, the CPF0907 ‘Serious storage condition may exist’ message appears on the QSYSOPR message queue. Although this is a worthwhile indicator, in reality it tends be fairly inflexible.

Halcyon has built upon this operating system function by implementing the 3 features below.

Auxiliary Storage Pool (ASP) Threshold Alerting

Halcyon’s Level 2 Systems Operations Suite allows you to define thresholds (like SST), on one or more ASP’s, including support for the popular Independent Auxiliary Storage Pools (iASP). You can alert not only on ‘Used Percent’ but also on ‘System Used Percent’, ‘Overflow Percent’ and ‘Overflow in Megabytes’.

Tiered Auxiliary Storage Pool (ASP) Threshold Alerting

In addition to the above, Halcyon also provide you with comparison fields to deliver ultimate flexibility. You can utilize all the normal comparison operators such as ‘Greater Than’, ‘Less Than’, ‘Equal To’ and in addition you also can specify a Range. For example, we provide you with the capability of generating an hourly Email notification if your System ASP (*SYSBAS) is in the range of 80-90% but once the 90% threshold is reached, Halcyon can send an SMS – we can even call your cell phone before the SMS is sent to ensure that we have your attention.

Intelligent Auxiliary Storage Pool (ASP) Threshold Alerting

Over time, all applications grow organically. This is acceptable and is one of the main reasons why regular capacity plans should be conducted, enabling you to forecast demands on hardware over the coming months. It tends to be the sudden surges in disk space utilization that are real causes for concern. From the June 2014 IBM i Release (PTF2014.168), Halcyon now provide a solution for this issue by making use of the new ‘Used Percent Change’ Statistic.

In the example below we’re looking for growth of 5% or more within a 30 minute period on ASP1.

Growth of 5% in ASP Performance Criteria

Here’s a sample Alert seen on the Enterprise Console, although you can of course utilize any of the inbuilt Actions or write your own.

ASP Alert Arrived At Enterprise Console

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Last Modified On: February 27, 2019