Did you know that you can now define a single Halcyon job queue rule to monitor ALL of your job queues? Previously you had to define a rule for each job queue for which you have monitoring requirements but now your approach can be significantly streamlined. You can also optionally define a check interval and a time range over which checks are made.

Specifying All Job Queues

Halcyon's Job Queue Monitor comes as standard with our Levels 1 - 4 IBM i monitoring suites, it allows you to define rule(s) to look for three different parameters:

1. Job Queue Status

Ensure that your key job queues are in the correct status at all times by using the *STS Rule type by looking for a status equaling (or not equally) a specific state. In the example below we’re looking for QBATCH not being in a released status.

QBATCH Not Released Rule

Paired with a RLSJOBQ COMMAND Action you can have Halcyon to automatically release the queue(s) in question should it find that the queue has not been released (held). Note the use of substitution variables &JOBQLIB and &JOBQ used so that no values are hard coded.


2. Job Queue Depth

Even on the best finely tuned systems, from time to time bottlenecks can occur on the IBM i, possibly due to overrunning jobs or maybe jobs waiting for a response before they continue. This can lead to job queues being backlogged with jobs waiting to process. By utilizing the *DEPTH Job Queue Rule type you can be alerted if a predefined threshold is breached. This example illustrates how you can be alerted should there be more than 10 jobs queued to run at any time.

Job Queue Depth Rule

By using the powerful MOVEJOBS Action you can automate your response to this situation by using Halcyon to move the waiting jobs to an alternative job queue.

Move Jobs Command

3. Job Queue Jobs

Monitor for either specific or generic jobs (as per the below screen shot), or even all jobs optionally defining the maximum allowed time on the job queue. Should this threshold be exceeded an Alert will be raised.

Monitor Generic Jobs

Existing customers will receive this enhancement automatically after upgrading to IBM i Release PTF2013.343

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Last Modified On: April 03, 2019