IBM continue to deliver an ever-increasing number of system messages on IBM i, providing information in terms of hardware, operating system and everything in in-between. Although this is a generally a good thing it does have a downside; the sheer number of messages seen on the QSYSOPR message queue.

This means there is every chance you could miss one that is of real importance to you and ultimately your business.

The QHST history log suffers too.

In 1993 IBM announced V2R3 of OS400 and with it introduced the QSYSMSG message queue. Simply by creating QSYSMSG message queue in QSYS library, critical system messages are automatically sent to that message queue. The QSYSMSG queue has two big advantages over the QSYSOPR.

Firstly it doesn’t get cleared at IPL time, ensuring that that you have a permanent audit trail and secondly only messages of any note appear on it – not application or hardware related messages of little or no relevance.

To create the QSYSMSG message queue use the command below;



Once the QSYSMSG queue exists, the messages below get sent there instead of to QSYSOPR;

  • Program start request received on communications device &1 was rejected with reason codes &6, &7
  • User profile &2 has been disabled
  • Subsystem &1 varied off work station &3 for user &8
  • User profile &1 deleted because it was damaged
  • Password received from device &1 not valid
  • Protected password could not be validated
  • Sign-on request GDS variable was not correct
  • User password could not be changed
  • Message &4 returned on system call
  • Password not correct for user profile
  • User &4 does not exist
  • Return code &4 received on call to CPI-Communications
  • System failure in APPC sign-on transaction program

The messages below could appear on either or both queues depending on the system reference code (SRC) sent with the message.

  • System processor diagnostic code detected an error
  • *Attention*  Impending DASD failure. Contact your hardware service provider now
  • *Attention*  Contact your hardware service provider now
  • *Attention*  Contact your hardware service provider
  • Storage subsystem configuration error

All other hardware and operating system messages get sent to both queues.

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Last Modified On: April 03, 2019