The latest version of Halcyon monitoring tools for IBM i includes a large number of enhancements designed to make systems management sweeter and life easier for administrators.

Version 6 includes four new actions that are available on any Halcyon rule-based product or the Advanced Job Scheduler. Actions can be performed based on any monitoring scenario occurring or even not occurring (when it was expected).

The new actions, listed below, are designed to provide you with a snapshot of your system or jobs at a specific point in time.

EMLACTJOB – Email a full list of active jobs, their status, I/O, CPU consumed, response times, and number of threads.

EMLJOBINF – Email information pertaining to the job being monitored, including currently open files, job locks, library list, and associated job threads.

EMLJOBLOG – Email the job log of the job being monitored.

EMLSYSSTS – Email the status of the system, showing high-level information on CPU, disk, memory, and system pools.

By utilizing one or more of these actions, you can accelerate problem determination by providing system administrators and support personnel with all of the information required to further investigate system or application issues.

For example, you may run an unattended operation overnight despite many critical jobs and processes being scheduled. If one of these jobs goes into a lock wait condition (LCKW), processing of this job stops until the job or process holding the lock releases it. If the lock wait condition remains for a prolonged period of time, you run the risk of your overnight schedule being delayed.

Before these new actions were available, you were either oblivious to what happened overnight or you had to attempt to establish what was running by reviewing the QHST history log before determining what you thought had caused the delay— altogether a much longer, error-prone process.

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Last Modified On: April 03, 2019