The following steps describe the procedure required to set up the Auto Upgrade feature for existing installations of Halcyon product Suites for IBM i Levels 1 to 4.


  • HMI: Halcyon Master Installation. This is a reference to a nominated central system that you can set the other systems/LPARs to connect to, and be controlled by, the control panel. This system will be the only system that you should ever need to download the latest installation software to. 
  • Control Panel: The Control Panel allows you to enable or disable unattended upgrades of Halcyon products by local, or remote, environments that use FTP to access the save files stored on the HMI. 


A user will download the latest software from the HelpSystems Community Portal, then transfer the install package over to a designated "master" system, this action updates the existing HALINST library on that system, and this is the catalyst for the upgrade process. 

This means that all the user has to do is simply download the installer, and transfer it over to the master system. The auto upgrade software then takes care of upgrading all instances of Halcyon, on all configured systems, to the latest level. 


  • On all systems create the following: 
    • A copy of the QBATCH job description, and call this QGPL/UPGRADE, (this is to enable you to amend any JOBD settings that may be required without afftecting other jobs). 
    • A directory entry: ADDDIRE USRID(UPGRADE sysname) USRD('Halcyon Auto Upgrade') USER(UPGRADE), where sysname is your system name
  • Confirm FTP is active between the master system and all remote systems

Substitution Variable

On each system, the jobs that perform the upgrade, get added to a job scheduler, and will have the user profile and password in the command string, and therefore the password can be visible. You can create a protected substitution variable (*PROT) for the UPGRADE password (Main manu > Option 42 > Option 9) as required, to prevent the password from being visible. 

Add Substitution Variable - Upgrade Password

Once the command gets added to the scheduler, the password field can be defined as *VAR, with the variable parameter entered as shown: 

display Job Schedule Entry Details


On each system (note this also includes the HMI system if multiple environments of Halcyon are installed and need upgrading automatically), run the HALINST/CONFIG command: 

Configure Automatic Upgrades

and enter the parameters required:

  1. Master system
  2. User (UPGRADE)
  3. Password (*VAR) if using protected password)
  4. Setup options (*CTLEXPNT, *MIGDSKBLD if Exit Point Manager and Disk Space Manager are being upgraded)
  5. Notify local user (UPGRADE)
  6. Notify remote user (UPGRADE)

Page down once all the data has been entered: 

Configure Automatic Upgrades

and enter the parameters required:

  1. Select the schedule (Frequency, Day of Week, Day of Month, Start time)
  2. Select the environments that need to be updated automatically
  3. A job queue for the upgrade jobs to be submitted to (this should be a single-threaded job queue in order for the jobs to run serially) 

Press F2 when all data has been entered, and this will add a schedule job, to the IBM scheduler, for each environment selected(HALC_environment name), plus one for the installation library as well (HALC_INSTL), in case where the installation software has been updated and requires upgrading.

These jobs will all have their scheduled time, incremented by 1 second. These entries will also have been added under the interactive user profile, change each entry to USER(UPGRADE).

Work with Job Schedule Entries

Control Panel

A control (HALINST/CTLPANEL) is also available within the installation library, to assist with the unattended upgrades, allowing the user to hold auto upgrades for a nominated system/environment for example. 

Halcyon Upgrade Control Panel

Check List

Find below, a checklist which can be used to ensure you have all the steps in place to ensure that all your systems/environments can be automatically upgraded, when a new version of Halcyon is downloaded to your HMI. 

QGPL/UPGRADE *JOBD created        
UPGRADE *USRPRF created        
UPGRADE *DIRE created        
Confirm FTP available to HMI        
UPGPWD substitution variable created        
Change user on scheduled jobs to UPGRADE        

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Last Modified On: May 29, 2020