The following steps describe the procedure required to upgrade an existing installation of Halcyon Product Suites for IBMi Levels 1 to 4.

Before you begin

You must download the latest PC executable file for your product suite from:


Run the downloaded PC executable for each of your systems and once the executable wizard has completed, follow the steps below.

Upgrade Instructions

  1. If you are using third party software to replicate Halcyon as part of your High Availability (HA) solution, end the replication for Halcyon before running the upgrade procedure.
  2. End Halcyon using command HALPROD/ENDMON.
  3. Check for any Halcyon libraries named R_* and delete if any exist.
  4. Exit Halcyon and sign off your current session.
  5. Sign on as QSECOFR or equivalent.
  6. If you have DBU10 library in your system library list, then use the command below to temporarily remove the library. Halcyon shares object names and failure to perform this step causes the upgrade to fail: QSYS/CHGSYSLIBL LIB(DBU10) OPTION(*REMOVE)
  7. Run the command HALINST/INSTALL.
  8. Check the correct name of the environment that you want to upgrade is shown (the default environment name is PROD)
  9. Using option 1, select the level of suite installed (commonly LVL2) and press <Enter>. Select any other independently installed Halcyon products that must also be upgraded.
  10. Press <Enter> when prompted to progress the upgrade (please contact [email protected]. if you see any errors). If using Halcyon Disk Space Manager, ensure you migrate the disk builds either by manually selecting as part of the upgrade or submit command MIGDSKBLD for all builds after the product upgrade is completed. Please contact [email protected] for further details if required.
  11. At the end of the upgrade, press <Enter> to progress the completion. If you were previously using Halcyon journaling, use option F20 on the Work with Journal screen to restart journaling.
  12. Sign off the QSECOFR session and sign back on as normal.
  13. When you return back to the IBM command line, Halcyon has been updated so you can now run command HALPROD/STRMON to restart the monitors.
  14. If using third party HA software, restart the replication for Halcyon objects.


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Last Modified On: May 29, 2020