You wish to configure Instant Alert to work with your Office 365 account in the cloud.

Add the “device” in Device Manager

Before you can configure the device in Instant Alert, you must set up a “device” in Device Manager.

Open Device Manager, click Add and add a new device.

You only need to provide details on the initial dialogue box, everything else can be left as default.

Configure the Mail Server settings in Instant Alert Options

This configuration is performed within the “Halcyon Instant Alert Options”.

Start with

  1. Options
  2. Interfaces
  3. Add

This will open a new dialogue box to enable you to enter the settings.

Give the interface a description (typically we would use the DNS name)

  • For SMTP.
  • For POP3.

Set the advanced options to the following:

Turn on the logfile, but only check “Log Informational Messages”.

If you need diagnostics later, turn it on as required, but remember to turn it off again.

Next, click on “Server”.

  1. Set the port number to 587.
  2. Ensure SSL/TLS Mode is checked.
  3. Click “Select Server”.
  4. Select the device previously created in Device Manager”.
  5. Click “Select”.

Click “Verify Server”. This should return:

Which means the test was able to see a mail server on port 587 at the specified DNS name.

Error settings can be left as default.

Email Settings:

  1. Check the “Override from Name/Address” button.
  2. Supply a “real” from name – this MUST NOT BE THE email address.
  3. Supply the email address that you want the email to show as being sent from.
  4. Check the “Server Requires Authentication” button.
  5. Supply the username for the O365 account (typically the email address).
  6. Supply the password. (Typically, you can use an app. password to bypass 2FA)
  7. Click “OK”.

Finally click OK on the initial dialogue box.

The Instant Alert Service will restart.

Now use the message sender app to test sending messages to your O365 account.

You will need to have previously defined a contact in the address book.

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Last Modified On: September 04, 2020