Add a new user to the Enterprise Console – Expert level

Start > Programs > Halcyon Enterprise Console > Server Options > General > UsersAdd user > Complete the dialogue box > OK > Apply

Note: The user’s password is the same as the user name.

Add a new user to the Enterprise Console – Intermediate level

Add a new user to the Enterprise Console – Basic level

Open the Halcyon Enterprise Console Server Options by using the instructions in the previous panel.

  1. Click General
  2. Click Users
  3. Click Add User

Complete the dialogue box

  1. Enter a name – this can contain spaces.
  2. Assign appropriate privileges.

a. Administrator gives;

  1. Close
  2. Reply
  3. Delete
  4. Comment
  5. Command
  6. Purge

b. Close – Allows users to close alerts, which releases any suspend and stops any escalation.
c. Reply – Allows users to reply to IBMi Inquiry message alerts.
d. Delete – Allows users to delete alerts, this does not close or reply to them.
e. Comment – Allows users to annotate comments against alerts.
f. Command – Allows users to use the command panel on the Console client.
g. Purge – Allows users to purge alerts from individual devices or groups of devices in one go for when the console has been spammed with messages.
h. If Administrator or Close is checked, the radio buttons for Close Inquiry Alerts are available. This permits the user to close inquiry alerts (without issuing a reply to the IBMi).

3. Click OK to create the user

Finally – click apply on the Server Options dialogue box to apply the changes.

When the user attempts to login, they are forced to change their password.

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Last Modified On: January 27, 2021