There may come a time, where you build up a large number of alerts on the Enterprise Console, resulting in the Console to stop processing. One way of controlling this is to use the “Auto-close” action, within the Enterprise Console rules, so that alerts are automatically closed after a period of time.

This document explains how you can set that up, we will Auto-close rules after 1 day as an example.

Enterprise Console Server Options

We first need to access the Enterprise Console Server Options.

Define the Rules

Once the Enterprise Console Server Options is opened select the following: -

  1. Rules.
  2. Check the Add Rule box.

  1. Enter a Description for the rule.

Next, we need to define the criteria for the rule

  1. Click Criteria.
  2. Click Add Criteria.

  1. In this example we will look for any alerts that start with “Windows Alert”.
  2. Click Device Selection.

On the next screen we will select the devices where these alerts can originate from.

  1. Either select a group of devices.
  2. Along with the Add button
  3. Or select individual devices
  4. Along with the Add Device button

Finally, we need to define the actions for the rule.

  1. Click Actions.
  2. Click Add Action.

  1. Select Log Only (No Action) as the first action type for the alert, so that the alert can be viewed on the Enterprise Console.

Now add a second action:

  1. Ensure the sequence number is the same as for the previous action.
  2. Select Send Console Action as the action type for the alert.
  3. Select the delay before this action is performed; “ 1 Day” in our example.
  4. Select Console.

Ensure the Close Alert button is selected and press OK.

Click OK another 2 times, and when you return to the Server Options main window click Apply to apply the new rule to the Enterprise Console.

Enterprise Console

Now when an alert is sent to the Enterprise Console server, that starts with the text “Windows Alert”, it will have a pending action to be closed 1 day from when it was received:


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Last Modified On: January 27, 2021