Number of alerts on the Enterprise Console

To check the number of alerts on the Enterprise Console

Open Halcyon Enterprise Server Options

  1. Click advanced
  2. Click SQL server
  3. Read the number of alerts here
  4. Purge – will PURGE ALL ALERTS from the database. They will not be written to the archive. Use this only if you wish to clear the console of alerts.

The console is NOT designed to have large numbers of alerts open.

You should always configure your monitoring to alert by exception.

If the number of alerts starts to exceed 5,000 you may start to have performance problems with the console.

Log files

Logfiles are stored under each component’s subdirectory in a “logs” directory

For Enterprise Console and it’s components:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Halcyon

For web-based components such as Advanced Reporting Suite, Task Supervisor and MQ Manager:

C:\Program Files\Halcyon

Logfiles have a .hlf extension and can be opened by the log file viewer located in:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Halcyon\Log Viewer

When opened by the log file viewer, they are correctly formatted and the latest entry is at the top. You can refresh the file by clicking on the refresh button without having to close the log file.

They can also be opened by notepad and notepad++ but will not be formatted correctly and the latest entry will be at the bottom.

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Last Modified On: January 27, 2021