The IBMi Monitoring software includes a “Supervisor” which should be set on and monitoring all monitors that you require to be operational. The Supervisor will automatically re-start any monitor that goes to MSGW or is ended by an operator.

That is fine, unless someone issues the ENDMON command to shut Halcyon monitoring down and does not restart it.

The System Monitor (A component of the Enterprise Console) can poll your IBMi installation and attempt to connect to the monitoring software to confirm that it is still up and available. If The monitor cannot find an active Halcyon installation, it will alert to the Enterprise Console.


Each IBMi to be monitored must be previously defined in Device Manager.

System Monitor is configured in Halcyon Enterprise Server Options:

  1. Click on System Monitor
  2. Click on Device Selection

When in device selection it is best to include a device group, rather than individual IBMI’s, this way – if you add or remove systems to your enterprise they will automatically be picked up in the device group, rather than having to remember to come and add them to system monitor individually.

  1. Select the device group to monitor
  2. Click Add to add it to the selected devices list
  3. Verify that the Selected devices are correct
  4. Click System Monitor to return to the system monitor configuration.

  1. Check the “Enable System Monitor” button
  2. Set an appropriate monitoring interval
  3. Set an appropriate number of connection attempts
  4. Set the Alert text to be meaningful
  5. Click Apply to apply all the changes and make system monitor active.

Further considerations

If you take your IBMi down for backups or maintenance, they System Monitor will alert while Halcyon is shutdown. You can avoid unnecessary alerts by using Enterprise Console Rules to create an automatic “Maintenance Mode” – which ignores alerts during the backup or maintenance period.

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Last Modified On: January 27, 2021