1. Download the current HALUSM installer (.rpm) file that is compatible with your Linux installation from: https://community.helpsystems.com/products-and-downloads/downloads/#Halcyon
  2. Use FTP or SFTP depending on your system configuration to transfer the downloaded installer file to the system onto which the installation is to be undertaken. You need the root password in order to complete the installation. 
  3. Using PuTTY (or equivalent program), connect to the system onto which you transferred the installation file. 
  4. In the open terminal window type the following command, using the location to which you previously transferred the files:
    [[email protected] ~]# cd Desktop
    [[email protected] Desktop]#
  5. Type the command:
    rpm -i halusm
    and then press the TAB key to auto complete the entry.
  6. Press <Enter> to begin installing the Linux Server Manager. A message confirming the saving of firewall rules to /etc/sysconfig/iptables is displayed. Once completed, with a confirmation of OK , the installation continues.
  7. The HALUSM Installer can now be deleted.

Note: Port 15000 is now open on the firewall following the installation of the Linux Server Manager!

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Last Modified On: May 29, 2020