This document explains the configuration required for forwarding alerts from Halcyon Enterprise Console into HP OpenView by using the HP OpenView agent installed on the same PC/Server as Halcyon Enterprise Server.

Note: The screenshots used throughout this document are very generic in that they are configured to forward all alerts. It is possible to just forward certain alerts if required.

Information Logging

It is highly recommended that you activate logging of messages, commands and data so we can capture any failures and diagnose any issues that may arise.

Verify within the Halcyon Enterprise Server Options that logging is turned on

  1. Open Halcyon Enterprise Server Options either from directly within the Enterprise Console using Tools | Server Options or from Windows Start | Programs | Halcyon | Enterprise Console | Server Options.
  2. From the General tab (open by default), ensure that all Message Logging options are enabled. Click Apply. Click Close to close the Enterprise Server Options dialog.

Enterprise Server Options Information Logging

Note: Any log files generated as a result of these options being enabled can be found in:

64bit systems

<system drive>:\program files (x86)\halcyon\enterprise console\logs.

32bit systems

<system drive>:\program files\halcyon\enterprise console\logs.

Add a rule to forward alerts

The following procedure details how to create a rule that forwards alerts to HP OpenView.

 Note: You must already have HP OpenView agent installed on the same device as Halcyon Enterprise Server.

 Adding a rule to forward the alerts on to HP OpenView

  1. Open Halcyon Enterprise Server Options either from directly within the Enterprise Console using Tools | Server Options or from Windows Start | Programs | Halcyon | Enterprise Console | Server Options.
  2. From the left-hand navigation panel click the Rules tab.
  3. Click Add Rule to open the Add New Rule dialog.
  4. Complete the Rule dialog parameters as per the screenshot below.

Specifying the rule criteria

  1. Within the Criteria tab, click the Add Criteria button.
  2. For the purposes of this configuration, use the settings as displayed in the screenshot below.

 Add New Criteria

Note: This is the screen that is used to select or restrict certain alert types from being sent to HP OpenView. These options can be invoked at a later time/date.

Adding devices to which the rule applies

The next step in the process is to add all the devices that you want to send alerts into the Enterprise Server and then onto HP OpenView (this example uses all devices, but you may only have IBM i systems to add).

  1. From within the Criteria left-hand navigation panel, click Device Selection to open the Device Selection panel (as shown on the screenshot below).
  2. Within the Available Devices section of this panel click Add to ensure all devices are added to the Selected Devices section( shown as being set to All).

Device Selection

Click OK to confirm the Device selection and return to the Add New Rule dialog.

Specifying the rule action

As the final step of creating the rule, an action needs to be added that forwards the alerts from this rule into HP OpenView.

  1. From the left-hand navigation panel on the Add New Rule dialog, click Actions.
  2. Within the Actions tab click Add Action to open the Action Detail For dialog.
  3. From the drop-down choice menu in the Action Type parameter, select Execute Command (see screenshot below).

Action Detail For

Following the selection of Execute Command as the Action Type, a new button is added to the left-hand navigation panel labelled Command. Click the Command button to be able to enter the exact details of the command to be executed.

We recommend you start with a basic test message, to ensure the alert is received (as detailed in the screenshot below).

Execute Command

Click OK to create the rule.

On the Enterprise Server Options dialog, click Apply to save the settings.

Testing the rule

  1. Once the settings have been saved in the Enterprise Server Options, open the HP OpenView Agent and determine if the alert has been received as expected.
  2. Once you have verified that you can get alerts from Halcyon into HP OpenView amend the message text of the Command to Execute to the following (using the Message variable):


Test Rule

Test again and ensure that you get messages forwarded from Halcyon into HP OpenView and that the formatting and alert text is as expected.

Holding the Rule

We now suggest that you then hold this rule until you are ready to configure the specific alerts you want forwarded into HP OpenView.

  1. From the Rules tab, click on the ‘Forward to HP OpenView using agent’ rule that was created using these instructions, so that it is now highlighted.
  2. Click the Hold Rule button.
  3. The rule is now held and a tick mark is visible against the rule in the Held column on this display.

Hold Rule

Note: The rule can be released later by highlighting and clicking Release Rule.

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Last Modified On: December 02, 2019