If your website is a critical component in your organisation then ensuring the continuous operation of this server 24/7 can become a time consuming operation.

You get a call to say your website is down, how do you determine what is wrong? Do you have a router or network issue? Has the server gone offline? Is there a software issue? Has your ISP had an outage? Or quite simply is the webpage missing?

Using a combination of the Halcyon Network Server Suite filters will ensure that you are notified before any calls come in.

Your first step would be to use a TCP HTTP filter to monitor the website address and ensure that you can successfully retrieve the page successfully. This check can include looking for specific words existing or words that shouldn’t appear on the webpage (i.e. 404, Error).

Your next step could be to create TCP Ping filters to ensure that you can successfully ping the appropriate network devices and servers that are critical in the web servers operation.

You would also want to monitor the services on the web server to ensure that the critical services are in the Running state, depending on your selected actions any services can be set to restart if any errors are detected.

By creating WMI Filters you can create very unique and custom filters to monitor specific performance counters and alert if the thresholds are breached.

These filters could include:

  • The number of Current Connections
  • Connection Attempts per second
  • The number of Not Found Errors per second.

These can be tailored for specific Web Instances so you can have different thresholds for each website.

To further enhance the monitoring of your website you can monitor the Event Log for any errors that have been created by your web server application so that any potential issues can be dealt with before they cause significant problems.

You may have already created templates to monitor the CPU, Disk and Memory usage of your servers, these could be tailored to be more critical for certain servers to ensure that enough resources are available for your application.

The actions taken on any of the filters above can be different meaning that some of the issues detected will simply send an email to alert you of the issue, where other alerts could send an email, bring up an alert on the Enterprise Console and send a text message to any on call staff members.

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Last Modified On: February 27, 2019