Important information for Snapshot Users using v10.7 or below

Customers currently running Snapshot v10.7 or below must upgrade to v10.8in the first instance.

Snapshot v11+

Only new customers or existing customers already on v10.8 can install or upgrade to this version.

This version contains changes in licensing and therefore all customers will require a new license for all systems configured in the Snapshot GUI.  For all customers installing this version, please send system details including customer name, system name, serial number, model, feature code and software group to [email protected]

We heave created an article which lists the top 5 support issues Snapshot users typically experience and a detailed description of the resolutions. This document has been designed to alleviate the issues without the need for contacting Halcyon Technical Services.

Product Authority Code

If you are new customer to Halcyon, a request will be sent to us to provide you with a product key. This product key is required to activate the software and will be sent to you by email.

If you are upgrading, you do not require a product key.

Still have questions? We can help. Submit a case to Technical Support.

Last Modified On: May 06, 2020