Important information

Downloading this file (MODELS.DEF) will now provide up to date details for the latest Power7 IBM i models (as at September 2013) for use in the Capacity Simulator module. In order to install please follow the instructions below:

  • Download and save the file to your local disk

  • Navigate to C:\Program Files\[Mid-Comp International] OR [Halcyon]\SnapshotTSC and run mdludp.exe (Models Merge utility)

  • Select Next on the utility and then Browse, when prompted select the ORIGINAL MODELS.DEF file. 

    Windows 7 and Vista
    c:\ProgramData\Mid-Comp International\Snapshot TSC\
    Windows XP
    c:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Mid-Comp International\SnapshotTSC
  • Select Browse, when prompted select the downloaded MODELS.DEF file

  • Verify that the locations of the original and downloaded MODELS.DEF files are correct then select FINISH

  • You should receive ‘The merge has been successfully completed.’ message

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Last Modified On: May 06, 2020