Lost historical data on upgrade




The data foder was changed from 'C:\Program Files\Mid-Comp International\SnapshotTSC' in version 10.2 to  'C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Mid-Comp International or Halcyon\SnapshotTSC' in version 10.6 which falls into line with Microsoft standards

Coding was added to automate the migration of data, however in most instances this has to be managed manually.



Component data out of date or missing













Typically the data issues are caused by rogue historical data. Sometimes data stored on the IBM i can also present issues. As the data is collected by the IBM performance collector tools ending the jobs and restarting them would be the first action to try.

Firstly, you need to disconnect the affected system(s) and on the IBM i use command STRSNP and take option 6 to end the Snapshot subsystem. In QSYSWRK find jobs QYPSFRCOL & QPMACLCT and end them immediately. Once complete, from the Snapshot menu take option 5 to restart the Snapshot collection, this will also restart the 2 IBM collector jobs you ended.

Connect the system in the PC_GUI and check if the data starts to be received. If not, then the next step is to disconnect the system again and move to the component folder that is in error (so for example, if your DISK data is corrupt, navigate to C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Mid-Comp International or Halcyon\SnapshotTSC, find the affected system and then move the DISK folder to another location - this ensures you retain the historical data).

When the system is reconnected, the DISK folder will be created and the data stored on the IBM i will be sent through. Should the data on the IBM i side be corrupt, then either using the purge options or in certain circumstances deleting the agent and re-installing will resolve the issue.

It's essential to always ensure that the same version is installed to all systems, so the IBM i agents and PC GUI must match.



Invalid license code







Halcyon can only support license codes at v11.0 due to coding issues on the older versions. A permanent license code is created using the serial number of the IBM i. For each system/ LPAR added to the PC GUI, a separate license code is required.

When you receive invalid license code errors, this is normally where we have not received the correct serial number for the system(s) or LPAR(s). In all requests for license codes we would ask for you to run command DSPSYSVAL QSRLNBR and send a screenshot of the screen shown.

Should you have continued issues, we will send a temporary license code. These are not generated by serial number and will have an expiry date, but should always work as a temporary fix until we can ascertain what is causing this issue.



Restore segements of data from the Snapshot backup utility for use in comparison of performance data over a period of time

Snapshot's backup utility was designed for disaster recovery rather than restoring segments for performance comparison.

As will not be enhanced in the Snapshot product, we would recommend that the Halcyon Advanced Reporting Suite is considered instead.



Access violation error's on starting Snapshot

Typically, this is an O/S issue and a reboot of the system should resolve this error.

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Last Modified On: May 06, 2020