Before You Begin

There are two scripts used to backup and restore the HelpSystems Insite database (backupdatabase.bat and restoredatabase.bat). Both scripts reside in the HelpSystems Insite root directory on the server.

Environment Location
Windows C:\Program Files(x86)\Help Systems\HelpSystems Insite\
Linux (Root install)

(Insite 2.x) opt/insite/server/{backup|restore}

(Insite 1.x) /opt/helpsystems/insite/server/{backup|restore}
Linux (User install)

(Insite 2.x) {USER_HOME}/insite/server/{backup|restore}

(Insite 1.x) {USER_HOME}/helpsystems/insite/server/{backup|restore}

In order to use these scripts, the database service must be running.

Backing Up HelpSystems Insite

To back up the database, run the following command:

  • Windows: backupdatabase.bat
  • Linux: ./

This command creates a backup file of the database named:


     where YYYY is the year, MM is the month, DD is the day, hh is the hour, mm is the minute, and ss is the seconds.

The script puts the backup file in the root directory of the product.

Note: If you are backing up Insite in preparation for an upgrade, be sure to copy the backup file to a location outside the product directories.

Restoring HelpSystems Insite


  • We highly recommend that you stop the HelpSystems Insite Server service and the HelpSystems Insite Analytics Service before performing a restore.
  • The database service (HelpSystemsDatabaseServer) must be running.
  • You must be at the same Insite version as the backup that you are trying to restore. For example, you cannot restore a 2.4 backup over a 2.6 installation.

To restore the database, run the following command (it's also found in the HelpSystems Insite root directory):

  • Windows: restoredatabase.bat
  • Linux: ./

This command takes a backup file created by the backupdatabase script and restores it to the database.

The file path is passed to the script.

Command example:

(Windows) restoredatabase.bat helpsystemsinsite_20160617140042.backup

(Linux) ./ -f helpsystemsinsite_20160617140042.backup


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Last Modified On: November 20, 2019