Important Updates to Cybersecurity Software 

HelpSystems is updating the names of our cybersecurity software, including the Powertech product line. Don’t worry—the functionality of your products won’t change. See the new names here.

The table below shows the current Insite version of each product supported by HelpSystems Insite, as well as each product's earliest Insite-supported version. 

Product Current Insite Version for the Product Earliest Product Version Supported by Insite
HelpSystems Insite 3.03 N/A
HelpSystems Deployment Manager 1.10.12 N/A
Authority Broker 1.10.11 4.18
Automate Ops Console 1.11.11 10.5
Automate Schedule Ops Console 1.0.8 4.3
GoAnywhere MFT 1.0.8 5.7.0
Insite Analytics 1.5.1 1.0
Insite Watch List 1.0.2 1.0
Intermapper 1.0.5 6.3
Powertech Antivirus 1.0.3 1.00

Crypto Complete

(Powertech Encryption for IBM i)

1.0.8 4.0
Powertech Multi-Factor Authentication 1.6.10 1.0

Powertech Password Self Help for

1.9.10 3.001
Powertech Event Manager 1.0.8 6.1

Network Security

(Powertech Exit Point Manager for IBM i)

1.11.10 7.04
Robot Console 1.0.2 7.03
Robot Network 1.17.11 11.00
Robot Schedule 1.15.10 10.30
Vityl IT & Business Monitoring 1.1.11 1.0

For information on requirements, see HelpSystems Insite System requirements.

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Last Modified On: March 30, 2020