Insite Integration Services

HelpSystems Insite 3.0 introduces a number of changes that improve data flow and security within and outside of Insite. Insite Integration Services accomplishing this by providing out of the box secure communication channels using TLS certificates for the following products:

  • HelpSystems Insite services
  • Powertech Antivirus

These TLS channels provides transmission of requests/event that is secured and encrypted, optimizing Insite security on an enterprise level. The inclusion of Insite Integration Services today to your Insite installation provides the future capability to adapt these secure communication channels to all of your product connections. For example, in terms of cross-product communication, the future ability to use Robot Monitor thresholds to trigger a workflow in Automate Enterprise. The goal: fast, reliable communications without web servers and a universally secure Helpsystems product line within Insite.


Important usability changes in Insite introduced with Insite Integration Services:

  • Multiple System installation - Installation has been updated and improved to allow you to install Insite on two separate servers if desired. Because of the expanded footprint of Insite with the addition of Insite Integration Services, installing on separate servers will improve performance and allow for scalability in an enterprise level environment.
  • Product Instances - The Product Instances page lists all products that are connected to your installation of Helpsystems Insite. The list is made up of two types of objects: legacy Product Connections, which you can also view and edit on the Product Connections page, and Product Instances, which are instances of Insite's new and more streamlined way to connect and communicate with an installed product. You cannot add a Product Instance, as they are added upon installation of compatible products, but you can view and edit properties and remove them. Be aware that within the Product Instance list you can add, edit, and remove legacy Product Connections as well.
  • Integration Service Administration - The Integration Service Administration page is only accessible to a user with Integration Service administrative permissions. It allows you to copy the API key, enable/disable the API key, and Regenerate the API key needed for TLS authentication.
  • Insite Authentication Service - User authentication has been made more streamlined and secure with the use of identity tokens. After a successful user authentication event, these tokens are created and passed to different services using the Insite Authentication Service, which makes authentication a more internal and secure process amongst different products and systems.

Important Notes

  • Currently, only the product modules referenced above are using Insite Integration Services and are displayed as Product Instances within Insite. Future releases of Insite will introduce more products to this list.
  • When installing Insite, it is recommended to do a multiple system install on two systems to take advantage of the performance benefits inherent in the multi-system approach.
  • Product instances outside of Insite are not automatically whitelisted. You must whitelist them within the Product Instances screen before you can use these products within Insite.

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Last Modified On: December 29, 2020