Before You Begin

There are several methods you can use to back up Insite on one system and restore to a different system. The same version of Insite must be installed on both systems.

Insite ships a backup script and a restore script that helps with this process.


The restore database command overwrites the existing license codes and the license information must be re-entered after the restore completes. Keys that had been saved to Insite's Development Manager and Automate will be invalid on the new system, including ELA keys. Before you begin, contact HelpSystems to acquire new license keys (temporary, permanent, or ELA) for the target system. 

Moving Insite

Use the following steps to move your Insite server from a source system to your target system.

Note: Insite can be active during this backup so it can be scheduled during business hours and run as often as required by your disaster recovery plan. For more information on using the backup database commands, see Backing Up and Restoring the HelpSystems Insite Database.

  1. Schedule the correct backup database command in an Insite job:

    The file is created in the same directory that the command was run. It will be in the format helpsystemsInsite_YYYYMMDDHHMM.backup.

    After the backup you are welcome to rename this file if, for example, you want to rename it to the version of Insite that was backed up for easier reference. The restore will require this file name.

    • Windows: backupdatabase.bat
    • UNIX/Linux: ./

      Note: On Linux, backup and restore commands are located in the following directories:
      Root Install: /opt/helpsystems/insite/server/{backup|restore}
      User Install: {USER_HOME}/helpsystems/insite/server/{backup|restore}

  2. End the Tomcat server on the target machine, if it is running:
    • Windows: 
      End the HelpSystems Insite Server service
    • Linux: 
      ./ (this stops both the Tomcat and Database servers)
      ./ (starts the database server only)
  3. Restore your backup file to the target system using the correct restore database command:

    • Windows: restoredatabase.bat backupfilename
    • UNIX/Linux: ./ -f backupfilename
  4. Insite must be installed on the backup system before restoring, and must be the same Insite version. Insite must be inactive while the restore is processing. For additional information on the restore database command, see Backing Up and Restoring the HelpSystems Insite Database.

  5. When the restore has completed on the backup system, the license key for that system must be entered before the server is brought up. Choose Deployment Manager and enter the license keys for your products (Automate users, use the Automate Home menu). The previous code will be overwritten by the database restore.

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Last Modified On: April 09, 2019