Use the following documentation to determine which ports and URLs HelpSystems Insite and different Insite modules use for various tasks. This information will, for instance, allow you to create firewall exclusions to allow Insite to function.

Insite to IBM i Connections

Note: This section applies to all Insite modules that connect to IBM i.

HelpSystems Insite uses the following ports on the IBM i:

449 446
8470 8471
8472 8473
8474 8475

Insite uses IBM's Toolbox. For more information on which ports are used for IBM's Toolbox, see Toolbox for Java and JTOpen on their website.

Your IBM connections won't work if the above ports are closed.

Deployment Manager

  • Deployment Manager uses the following URL patterns and port combinations:* is hard coded and has the following URLs inside it:

    "baseUrl" :
    "baseDownloadUrl" : hsinsite/download/
    "hsWebsiteUrl" :
    "insiteUrl" : hsinsite/deployment.json	

    Loading and staging products (which uses secure port 443) won't work if these URLs are inaccessible, and pages in Deployment Manager may fail to load properly.

  • ELA (Enterprise License Agreement) functionality inside Deployment Manager uses this URL pattern:

    Licensing products and adding ELA keys (which uses secure port 443) won't work if this URL is inaccessible.

Robot Network

Insite uses a peer connection to link to servers that have a Robot Network host or node installed. For this to work, the following ports must be open on the IBM i:

  • 7474: sends and receives data on the primary host system

  • 4444: sends and receives data from the host system

The Robot Network host appears offline if either of these ports are closed.

Automate Ops Console

Automate Ops Console has different default ports, but they can be changed when configuring the Automate Ops Console connection. The connection appears offline or is unable to connect if the specified port is closed.

Browser Connection

The connection between the Insite server and a user accessing Insite through a browser is via HTTP over port 3030 by default. If Insite is configured to use SSL (see Configuring Insite for SSL), the connection is via HTTPS over port 8443.

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Last Modified On: March 19, 2018