User profiles for product connections are used to perform basic Insite tasks on the IBM i, such as retrieving information about or changing the settings of HelpSystems products.

We recommend the following settings for IBM i user profiles that are used for product connections.

User Profile Attribute

Recommended Setting

Special Authorities

No special authorities are required except for the one-time use of a profile with *SECOFR type authority to install INSITELIB and the two Insite user profiles: INSITEADM and INSITEUSR.

NOTE: With HelpSystems Insite versions previous to 2.5, there is a requirement to have a user profile with *SECOFR type authority. The special authorities (such as *ALLOBJ) should be the same as those of the QSECOFR user profile. The easiest way to obtain these is to create a user profile by copying QSECOFR from WRKUSRPRF QSECOFR.

If using Powertech products, in order to have a *USER type profile on the product connection and use Powertech products, the profile with the connection MUST be added to the PTADMIN authorization list.


The user profile can have any name. However, you may want to consider giving the user profile a name that is easily identifiable (like INSITE). This allows IBM i jobs representing active Insite product connections to be determined easily with WRKACTJOB or WRKUSRJOB.

Optionally, the name can be identical across systems.


The requirements for normal user profiles apply here. The password must not be easy to guess. Optionally, the passwords can be identical across systems.

The password must not be *NONE.

Limit Capabilities


Initial Sign-on Menu


Password Expiration Interval

You may set this to *NOMAX if you want to avoid having the user profile disabled.

However, if you set it to *NOMAX, you should implement a process for the following:

  • Regularly changing the password of the user profile on the IBM i, and
  • Adjusting the password setting in the product connections correspondingly

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Last Modified On: December 29, 2020