Installing or Updating HelpSystems Insite on Your Windows Server

Installing HelpSystems Insite allows you to access your HelpSystems products through a web browser interface. Currently, Insite allows you to access the following products:

  • Authority Broker 4.18 or higher
  • Automate BPA Server 10.5 or higher
  • Automate Schedule 4.3 or higher
  • GoAnywhere MFT 5.7.0 or higher
  • Insite Analytics 1.0 or higher
  • Insite Watch List 1.0 or higher
  • Intermapper 6.3 or higher
  • Powertech Antivirus 5.0 or higher
  • Powertech Encryption for IBM i 3.5.8 or higher
  • Powertech Event Manager 6.1 or higher
  • Powertech Exit Point Manager for IBM i R7M04 or higher
  • Powertech Multi-Factor Authentication 1.0 or higher
  • Powertech Password Self Help 3.001 or higher
  • Robot Console 7.03 or higher
  • Robot Network 11.00 or higher
  • Robot Reports 7.70 or higher
  • Robot Schedule 10.30 or higher
  • Vityl IT & Business Monitoring 1.0 or higher

Make sure your system meets the minimum requirements before installing or updating Insite on your Microsoft Windows Server.


  • You can download the installer from the My Downloads page on our customer portal. The installer is available whether you're requesting a free trial of our software, updating your software, or converting your software.
  • The ports that Insite uses must be open on all servers that Insite components will be installed. See Ports and URLs Used by HelpSystems Insite for a listing of these ports.
  • If you are updating HelpSystems Insite and have specific configuration you would like to retain, we recommend backing up Insite prior to updating.
  • Installation on Windows requires a user account that is a member of the Administrators user group. 

Complete the following steps to download and install HelpSystems Insite on your Windows server.

  1. Download the HelpSystems Insite.exe installation file from My Downloads page on the customer portal.

  2. Double-click the HelpSystems Insite.exe file.

  3. You are presented with your installation options. Choose the option that best serves your needs. The detail pages for each option are listed below.


Quick Setup

Single System

Multiple Systems


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Last Modified On: October 05, 2020