Do the following to back up Powertech Authority Broker v4.x: 

  1. Verify that there are no “active” swaps. To do this:
    1. From the Authority Broker Main Menu, choose Option 5, Use Authority Broker Configuration Menu
    2. Choose option 4, Work with Profile Switches.
    3. For all switch pairings with a status of *ACTIVE, either end them or wait for the user to release their swap. In order to avoid interrupting a potentially critical process, we recommend waiting.
  2. Verify that job PABWSDMON is not running in the PTWRKMGT subsystem.
  3. Follow your regular backup procedure, or, if you wish to save the library to a SAVF, use this command to create the SAVF: 

    CRTSAVF FILE(QGPL/AB4LIBSAVF) TEXT(' Authority Broker Library Savefile')

  4. If saving to SAVF, use this command to save the library


Note: There are some activities that will start up Authority Broker again. Avoid starting a timed swap or a swap that captures screens during the backup of the library. Either of these activities will restart the Authority Broker jobs and could interrupt your backup, leaving it incomplete.


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Last Modified On: April 19, 2019