We recommend saving the entire Command Security library during the backup process. In the event the library needs to be restored back to the same system, all configuration and license objects will be contained and can overlay the existing library.

In the event of a restore to a different system, an installation must have first taken place to create the objects not contained in the Command Security library, such as user profiles, authorization lists, commands, exit points, and library PTWRKMGT. The same version must be used on the new installation as was saved during the backup process.

The monitor job PCSDAQMON in PTWRKMGT should be ended prior to backup.

  • Use command PTCSLIB/PCSENDMON to end the job if running
  • Use command PTCSLIB/PCSSTRMON to start the job after back up is complete

Note: It is not required, but without ending the job, the library save can take additional time to complete. There may be locks created by the job, which may cause the save to timeout. The best time to save is while the system is in a restricted state, but should a save be necessary during a normal day, use the save while active parameter option.

Library to save: PTCSLIB

On restore or move to another system, after product licensing has been updated, the command registry should be updated. Use the command PTCSLIB/PCSUPDREG.

Use command PTCSLIB/PCSSTRMON to start the monitor job PCSDAQMON after all other tasks are completed.

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Last Modified On: April 03, 2019