Important Updates to Cybersecurity Software

HelpSystems is updating the names of our cybersecurity software, including the Powertech product line. Don’t worry—the functionality of your products won’t change.

See the new names here > New, Clearer Names for HelpSystems Security Software.


Use this procedure when you want to export or import report groups from one consolidator system to another; typically used with custom report groups.

Exporting Report Groups

  1. Log in to the Web User Interface and choose the Report Groups tab.
  2. Scroll to the Report Group you would like to export (in this example “Security Audit Comparison Reports” is selected).
  3. Right-click the Report Group and select Export.

The download process begins immediately, and the report group is saved at a location based on your browser’s download settings.

Importing Report Groups

  1. Log in to Web User Interface and choose the Report Groups tab.
  2. Right-click anywhere in the Report Groups window and select New Group. A report group must first be created in order to import report groups from another system.
  3. Once the new report group has been created, right-click on the new report group and select Import. A window opens prompting you to add the file containing the report group to be imported.

Adding the group and clicking OK starts the import process. When complete, the new report group is added to the Report Group list.

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Last Modified On: January 09, 2020